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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Uefa Best Player Award 2016 ! Sports Slum

kamran javed

Uefa Best Player Award

Three competitors were in this competiton the one and only Christiano Ronaldo then Greizeman and at last most valueable player in history of club of Bale.

Uefa declared Christiano Ronaldo as Best player of Uefa as he has won 2 trophies in this season one for his nation and other for his Club Real Madrid.Its a proud a moment for him we are also of him.
 Ronaldo after uefa Championship celebrating the Trophy
 Griezeman coming for ceremony before the announcement of best player of Uefa 2016.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Which Field has Better Scope Physics or Computer Science or Software Engineering

kamran javed
To study the fundamnetal laws of nature,including matter energy relationship or interactions is what we call Physics. But in deeper a Physician is one who construct and discover unique theories of universe that will tell us that physics is all about nature. A physician is one who is fimilar with subject of Thermodynamics, Kinematics, Dynamics, Heat, Energy, Electromagnetism and Mechanics basic of all.

Researches In Field of Physics:
A physican is likely to specialize in one of the many fields of research within physics, such as acoustics, fluids, optics, lasers, cryogenics, superconductivity, condensed matter, solid-state physics, atomic and molecular physics, nuclear physics, plasmas, spectroscopy, elementary particles, superstring and hyperspace theory, guage theory, gravitation, and high energy physics, nanotechnology.

Physics and technology. Physics forms the foundation for the most important areas of technology, including electrical engineering, power engineering, radio engineering, electronics, light engineering, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, and a large part of military engineering. Through the conscious utilization of physical laws, engineering has emerged from the domain of chance finds onto the path of goal-directed development. Whereas in the 19th century it took decades before a physical discovery had its first engineering application, it now takes only a few years.

Job options

Jobs directly related to your degree include:
  • Geophysicist/field seismologist
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Metallurgist
  • Radiation protection practitioner
  • Research scientist (physical sciences)
  • Seismic interpreter
  • Secondary school teacher
Jobs where your degree would be useful include:
  • Investment analyst
  • Meteorologist
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Operational researcher
  • Patent attorney
  • Systems developer  
At last i want to say u that it depends upon u that how much you gained from your education how much you have product knowledge it means how much you are Practical in your field. Your earning will be on your product knowledge for a lecturer in Pakistan earns 40,000 where as professor earns more than 80,000 or 1lac. so always try to gain product knowledge which will benefit you.

Computer Science and Software Engineering
When its about Computer science you are always curious how i  am going to earn, how you will be payed, how will u raise yourselfto high standard.

When it comes to future no one can assure you that u will get a job. But with a computer Science Degree you can start your own Business by using Online Marketing. It means you can earn by Blogging by using Youtube Dailymotion Fiver Free Lancing. Its not easy job to do you have remain consistent in intention and action . These methods provide a quality assurance of your income. Income will be sent to you using your adsense account.

Job Options
First of I want to clear you that competiton in this field to much you should know importance of your degree. you should have capabiltiy to program any thing software house which demands from you. Jobs related to this field are

Jobs directly related to your degree include:
  • Database administrator
  • Games developer
  • Information systems manager
  • IT consultant
  • Multimedia programmer
  • SEO specialist
  • Systems analyst
  • Systems developer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer
Jobs where your degree would be useful include:
  • Digital copywriter
  • IT sales professional
  • IT trainer
  • Network engineer
  • Product manager
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Technical author

Pak Vs England 1st ODI

kamran javed
Pak Vs Eng 1st ODI:
The Race has begin between Pakistan and England in ODI's. Both the nations will compete for honour and respect. England has to prove in front of their crowd that they are better side in ODI. where Pak has to dleiver message to World that we are best and we will be.
Pakistani skipper Azhar Ali after winning the toss in first ODI decided to bat first .The big news is Yasir Shah is not playing in this match. Hafeez was given another chance due to his experience where young and interesting talent Sami Aslam has to sit back. Pakistan decided to have 3 all rounders Babar Azam, Imad Wasim and Mohammad Nawaz.Umar Gul was back in side with Amir and Wahab Riaz..Where Eoin Morgan still decided to go with Alex Hales and Jason Roy as opener. Ben Stokes is back after his injury during test series.Chris Woakes and Mark Wood is given an opportunity to prove themselves in ODI. As already he has proven in Test series.

Interesting Facts About Ground :
 Avg 1st ing score                                    251
 Avg 2nd inn score                                   195
 Highest Total                                          353/7 by New Zealand Vs England
 Lowest Total                                          65/10 by USA vs Aus
 Highest Chased                                      306/7 by New Zealand Vs England
 Lowest Defended                                   251/7 by England Vs Sri Lanka

Match Standings Card
After winning the toss pakistan manges to 260 runs on board with the help of brilliant knock of Captain Azhar Ali 82.Babar azam played a vital inning of 42 runs which set the platform for other batsman to come and just score the runs but in last 8 pakistan could manage to set defendable target.

After break when England players came to bat once again Alex Hales disappointed his captain and scored 7 runs. Then master class Joe Root came and compensate lost of Alex Hales and scored 61 where Jason Roy also played a handy knock which keeps them going and at the end they were winner. After completion of 34 overs England were 193/3 due to D/L they manage to beat Pakistan by 44 runs which lead them in ODI series 1-0

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pak Vs Eng 1st Odi Preview

kamran javed
Pak Vs Eng 1st  ODI's  Preview

After Spectuclar and remarkable series drawn in test which took team Pak to no 1 position in Test Cricket
first time ever in history of Cricket. It was the experience of team Pakistan which took them in position to level the series with 2-2 in Tests there were many outcomes from the Series younis Khan was back in form It was due his 200 knock Pakistan manange to put pressure on England. Asad Shafiq is also back in form. Where the young Talent Sami Aslam with his excellent knocks in 3rd gives Pakistan some hope.

ODI's format is completely different from Test . Now the pressure and expectations will be on Azhar Ali and Eoin Morgan from England.Team who will handle pressure better wil be going to win matches in this Series.Because Pakistan has to win the series to increase their ranking  where England has to perform in front his crowd .

Bowling View 
Comibnation of Yasir Shah, Muhammad Amir, Wahab Riaz , Imad  Wasim and Umar Gul will be high test for England batsman. These all bowlers have ability to destroy in minimum overs. To dispel this effect Englands batsman has to play carefully in first 10 overs.There will be huge eyes on Alex hales, Jason Roy, Joe Root and Joseph Buttler.  On card Paksitan Batting is not as strong as England but have the ability to knock over them. An excellent start can help England to keep their oppenent at one arm's length from the very start of game.

Match Venue and Timing 
PAk vs Eng 1st ODI's will be palyed on 24th August Wednesday at 2 P.M in England at SouthHampton.

Team for England 
 Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Jos Buttler(w), Jonny Bairstow, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, David Willey, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett, Mark Wood, Ben Stokes, Chris Jordan, Liam Dawson

Team for Pakistan 
Azhar Ali(c), Sharjeel Khan, Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, Sarfraz Ahmed(w), Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Nawaz, Imad Wasim, Hasan Ali, Umar Gul, Mohammad Amir, Yasir Shah, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Rizwan, Sami Aslam

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Software Engineering Vs BSCS

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Career Objectives
Design and develop software quality   meets the requirements of an organization for better performance.
Professional profile
Professional directs the development, operation and maintenance of software * a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to development, using modern building techniques * Software (Software Engineering).
Designs and develops information systems applicable to many areas such as business, scientific research, medicine, production, logistics, banking, traffic control, meteorology, law, * Internet, * Intranet, etc.
Specific tasks or activities performed in the profession
Manage Software Projects
Leads technology specialists and technical equipment for the development of the software project.
Project management software covering the entire development process, carrying out:
Determination of the resources taking into account the * hardware, software * * networks, etc.
Estimated Cost
Planning and deadlines.
Selection of people to form the team
Project Organization.
Project Management.
Control, which corresponds to the performance evaluation of activities through the planned objectives.
Among others.
Software Design Project
The software engineer is governed by models or patterns of development which is supported for performing software, there are several models among which is the so - called cascade model, which is the methodology ordering rigorously stages of development of such so that the start of each stage must wait for the completion of the immediately preceding. How I know   shown below:
Analyzes Requirements
As a first step technically defines the requirements of a product * software.
Requirements Specification describes the expected behavior of the software once developed. You must identify the needs of the institution (defined by senior management), as well as interaction with the functional users of it (such as personnel from different departments of the organization that will use the software), to collect, classify, identify, prioritize and specify software requirements, so that these do not remain incomplete, or are ambiguous or contradictory. After l result of analysis of the customer requirements reflected in the document System Requirements Specification.
* Create System Architecture
* Create Software architecture, which is the overall design of this structure, which should contain:
Which parts compose.
What does each component.
How the components interact.
And the general description of how the software application will be built.
Directs * Programming
During this stage the task is known as programming, which is the creation of computer programs * is performed. This task is performed by the programmer following completely specified in the first stage.
Designing and writing programs primarily in an algorithmic language (sequence of steps for the program) and then translate it to a * computer language is studied.
* Many algorithms are mathematical concepts, hence mathematics is intense in Software Engineering. The use of mathematics in software engineering is called formal methods.
Oversees Testing
At this stage it is established and applied quality tests is to check that the software correctly perform the tasks outlined in this specification.;   You see under what conditions the application may fail and try to discover their mistakes.
First is tested separately each software module, and then test holistically, to reach the target.
Oversees Documentation
It consists of information regarding how developed the software; It consists of diagrams, testing, user manuals, technical manuals, etc .; all for the purpose of being able to carry out any corrections, knowing its mode of use, we can issue future maintenance and upgrades to the system.
The aim is that the processes described are so clear that any user can understand.
Oversees Maintenance
  Maintenance consists of keeping updated and   System operation. Either by modifying the software if necessary to meet new requirements, such as extending the system to perform new tasks or changes in user requirements; or   optimization or correction of errors discovered in it.

Occupational field
Pension fund managers
Health Institutions
Commercial Business Services
Consulting Firms
Public and private organizations
Agricultural enterprises
Higher education institutions
Research centers
Documentation and information centers.
Companies programming, marketing and service software.
Free exercise of the profession paying consultants.
Creating his own consulting firm, to provide computer services to other organizations.
Approximate duration of the study years.
5 years
Main subjects covered in the curriculum.
Basic Training Courses
Mathematics (6 semesters)
* Physics (2 semesters)
Professional area
* Design Software
* Project Management Software
* Testing Software
* Requirements
* Computer Architecture
* Networking and Data Communications
* Computer & Network Security
*Operating systems
* Algorithms and Data Structures
* Development Platforms
* Programming (3 semesters)
*Intelligent Systems
Complementary subjects
*Operations research
Accounting and Budget
Economy and Finance for Management
Organization and Management
Educational Software Engineering
Informatic security
Computer networks
* Artificial intelligence applied.
* Administration * Operating Systems and Networks
Systems Management Electronic Commerce
Management and Web Application Development.
Software Engineering spatial data infrastructure
* Multimedia Systems
Computational chemistry
Digital Image Processing
Video game.
Vocation, skills and interests required the applicant to this race.
Natural tendency to order.
Creativity and initiative in finding solutions to specific problems.
A favorable attitude to acquire technological knowledge.
Motivation to make innovations to forms of organization.
Taste and appreciation for technology and science that support it , based mainly on mathematics.
With a strong taste for planning and management information (documents, forms and in all formats of information).
Analytical capability approach focuses on understanding everything and broken down into its basic elements   see the relationship between these elements.
High mathematical ability.
Inductive reasoning capacity: form of reasoning from the particular to the general, the parts to the whole, from effects to causes, etc.
Systematization ability: in this process is referred to classify, sort, arrange, select, list, prioritize, categorize, etc.
Logical reasoning: that is captured through the observation of reality, or a drawing, or outline, the operation of something, behavior, etc.  
Innovative: it tends to   inventiveness or innovation in seeking to incorporate new things, to use ingenuity either new devices and procedures or ways of doing things, which enables you to troubleshoot creating new systems or adapting existing reality to new requirements.
To improve the organization, functioning and efficiency.
Or any specific dream or desire you feel involved or oriented in this direction.
Personality of the applicant.
Practical personality.
Observation skills, thoughtful , methodical, rigorous, orderly and patient.
Planner, make plans and follow them carefully.
Ability to work in teams.
Office environment, high level of management.
Related careers and related
Computer Systems Administration.
Systems engineer
Informatics Engineering
* Technology and Data Communications Networks
*Glossary of terms
* Algorithm: A sequence of steps for the program.
* Computer Architecture (Subject): Study of the conceptual basis of the architecture of a computer * and * network design, types and network services, software selection * base. Practical cases of application.
* Architecture of a computer: D esign internal components of a computer and communication between them.
* Software architecture * System Architecture * Architectural Design: Structure of a software application (similar to the design of the structure of a building way)
* Database: A set of programs that manage a stock of data that is organized so that it is easy to access them , store them and update them (these programs act as a librarian who manages a stock of books).
* Databases (Subject): Components of a * Database, functionality, structure, integrity and data manipulation. Application of theoretical knowledge in the laboratory.
* Encryption: Translate the algorithm of a program to a computer language.
*Depuration: Identify and correct errors in programs.
* Software Design (Subject): * Architectural design and detailed design * software. Application software product design and automation of these activities.
* Input / Output: The computer has the primary function of processing information, but this information available to receive and deliver processed requires input and output devices that fulfill this task.
Data Structures: Forms of order a grouping of data that will be used by computer programs *.
* Algorithms and Data Structures (Subject): * Algorithms searching and sorting data, programs that handle different types of * Data Structures. * Evaluation of algorithms considering its runtime and memory usage.
* Physical (Subject): Electricity, Magnetism and Optics. * * Hydromechanics and Thermodynamics. Mechanics, Oscillations and mechanical waves.
* Project Management Software (Subject): organization, planning, execution, control and completion of software projects.
* Hardware: corresponds to all physical and tangible parts of a computer as their electrical, electronic, electromechanical and mechanical components, etc.
* Hidromecánica: Study the mechanical behavior of fluids, whether they are in liquid and gaseous state.
* Computer: Science that studies the management of information.
* Artificial Intelligence: simulation of human intelligence processes by means of computer systems.
* Internet: global system of interconnected computer networks.
* Intranet: A private network inside a company or organization that uses the same type of software used on the Internet.
*Operations research: Methods, models and techniques most commonly used in scientific solving business problems and study   the decision - making systems, information systems or used as decision support.
* Operations Research (Subject): Techniques used in the area   *Operations research. Mathematically model a real situation. Analyze the results and make decisions based on them.
* Computational Language: Language working with the computer.
* Multimedia: Material that combines text, graphics, still and moving image and sound.
* Development Platforms (Subject): Programming Internet / Intranet, and communication protocols *   *programming languages. Technologies and trends in software development using as a base or support various * Operating Systems.
* Programming: E studio design and implementation of programs first in an algorithmic language (sequence of steps for the program) and then translate it to a * computer language.
* Programming (Subject): Principles of Programming * Structured and Modular. Programming Methodology: Problem Analysis, Design * algorithm, design test data set, * * Coding and Debugging. * Concepts of Object Oriented Programming. Design and programming of programs using the above concepts.
*Computer programs: set of instructions for a computer to perform a particular task.
* Structured Programming and Modular: It is a way of writing computer programs clearly where the program structure is arranged in modules   hierarchically.
* Object Oriented Programming: Programming mode that manages a group of * objects that interact with each other .
* Object: It is a programming unit that has been previously structured, individual properties and behaviors,   but it has left open the possibility of defining its specific function to be used.
* Object Oriented Programming (Subject): PPROACH of software engineering in modeling a system * Object oriented programming.
* Communication protocols: E s a set of rules used by computers to communicate with each other through a network *. These rules define the behavior of the connection * hardware between computers.
* Visual Prototypes of software product: visual communication interface between the computer and the user, which meets be functional and aesthetics.
* Test Software (Subject): Techniques and strategies for validation and verification of software products. Development of different types of tests.
* Networking: * Computer Networks: * Communication Networks: data communication system that connects several computers together as well as other devices such as printers, storage systems, etc.
* Networking and Data Communications (Subject): Subject to the concept of delivery * communications network, describing and studying different types and technologies, interconnecting devices * networks. Considerations * optimal design of computer networks.
* Requirements: Determination of requirements or conditions to satisfy.
* Requirements (Subject): Identification, capture, documentation and validation of software requirements, and human-computer for developing prototype software * visual product interaction.
* Computer and Network Security: Study identification and correction of system vulnerabilities processing of the information might jeopardize carrying out its   protection, control and necessary safety measures.
* Expert Systems: A set of programs that have information of one or more experts in a specific area. Their work is to solve problems that require a great knowledge about a certain topic.
* Intelligent Systems (Subject): * Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems * and its application in solving problems in the industry.
* Operating Systems: dedicated to the inner workings of the computer and interpretation of the orders given by the user software.
* Operating Systems (Subject): Features * Operating Systems Administration processes, memory, files and * input / output, aimed at optimizing these resources. Lab practices.
* Software: The set of computer programs and data that are part of the operations of a computer system.
* Base software: * Software System: designed to organize the internal functioning of the computer software.
* Thermodynamics: Concerning the relationship between dynamic phenomena (movement) and calorific phenomena (heat)

Friday, 12 August 2016

Lebron James Agreement Basketball

kamran javed
Lebron James Agreement with Cleveland Cavailiers
From the latest news of basketball it is announced Lebron James is going to have 3 year contract with Cleveland Cavalaries and he is going to be the NBA's highest paid player next season after agreeing a reported $100m (£77.2m) three-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James has been 4 times most valuable player, won two championships for Miami Heat before returning to Cleveland Cavaliers.His income will rise to $8m for next season.The agreement papers are not yet signed the contract has to be completed.

Aus Vs Sri Lanka 3rd Test

kamran javed
Aus Vs Sri Lanka 3rd Test Review
 Will Celerbrations Continue
Year 2015 was not good for Sri Lanka they could not won single test match and in 2016 they lost worstly from England in their homegroud. There was hustle and bustle in team and at last Islanders manages to back in their old form where Austalia No.1 test team reach Sri Lanka . It was believed that Aussies Will Knock out Islanders in Test but assumption was wrong Islanders played really well and got two consecutive wins over No.1 test team Australia. In first test they beat Australia by 106 runs where in second test Australia was beaten badly with the margin of 229 runs.As Aussie hav lost test series with 2-0 but their aim in Third test will be to win so that they can confidence for upcoming ODI's series.In the Third there is to much expectation from Steve Smith, David Warner known for his aggresive style of Batting and their main bowler Mitchel Starc as he has already taken 17 wickets in this Test series with an average of 13.47.Australian coaching staff and captain Steve Smith will be expecting a better performance from their spin bowler Nathan Lyon and Jon Halland. Where as from Sri Lankan side it is expected that Herath Sandakan and Perera will lead the attack in 3rd test.Aussie also have to fight for their being No.1 in 3rd test match if they lost match they might jumped to 2nd or 3rd position depending on Match between Pak Vs England and Ind Vs WI.
 Pitch is going to favour batsman from inside reports but see whats happen match will start 10AM local time on 13th August.

 David Warner and Steve Smith during Net practices for third test


India Vs West Indies 3rd Test

kamran javed
India VS West Indies 3rd Test Review:
3rd Test match between WI and IND is getting interested in first innings india scores 353 runs wil loss of all wicket in reply to that to WI scores 225 for all out. Bhuneshawar Kumar bowled a brilliant spell and picked 5 wickets and dispel WI from top to bottom. It was due to his bowling India get lead of 128 runs.on 4th day of match India manages to 31 runs in 5 overs without loss of any wicket till Tea Break now India got lead of 159 runs till tea session if india goes on scoring fast in after break and if manages to score 130 or 140 scores in last session and played first hour of last day then they have a chance to win test match as on day its looks like that bowl is going to swing. Here are some interesting Pics of day 4

Team India dismissed both set batsman Darren Bravo and Craig Braithwaite early on Day 4
 Team India dismissed both set batsman Darren Bravo and Craig Braithwaite early on Day 4

 Bhuneshwar Kumar dismisses Jason Holder and Blackwood 
Bhvi celebrating his wicket of Jason Holder

Pak Vs England 4th Test

kamran javed
Asad Ali celebarating his 100 against England in 4th Test

Day 2 started interesting where night man Yasir Shah struggle a lot and remained their for almost 18 to 20 overs.He faced some tricky bouncers from Stuart Broad, Steven Finn and Chris Woakes but manages to stay in ground at least 1 and half an hour. He scores 26 runs which set tone for upcoming players to score runs fast.At the start of day ball was swinging but as time passes there was no movement in ball ball was nicely coming on bat due to which Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq partnership took Pakistan in stable.After lunch break Azhar Ali got out and manages to score 49 runs 1 run away from his fifty.Then Younis Khan came into ground he was looking more stable and more confident in batting in oval than other 3 Tests. He practice in nets and changed his technique and get more focused on ball.In the start he just sees the behaviour of pitch and then he start playing with his natural and at the last of day he score 101 not out. Where Asad Shafiq played a handy Knock for his team of 108 runs.Where Rescue 1122 Misbah Ul Haq manages to score 15 runs and debut man Iftikhar Ahmed could not show himself a lot and got caught on 4 runs by Moeen Ali.Now Pakistan is in strong postion with 12 runs ahead and with 4 wickets remaining. On Day 3 Younis and Wicket Keeper Sarfaraz will Start match if Pak manages to get first hour of day without loss of any wicket then it is possible Pakistan might get lead of 150 or more which can create trouble for England Here is the Score Card of Pakistan Team.
    Staurt broad pump up to get wicket of Yasir Shah


kamran javed

Summer Slam was an event introduced by WWE on 23rd August 2013 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn with the attendance of 15702 people.It was professional wrestling event Pay Per View introduced by WWE.
Summer Slam of 2016 is going to be interested where Wrestlers fight for title and repitition in WWE. the biggest match in Summer Slam is going to between RKO and the Beast.An interesting conflict has been taken between them.Beast will fight for his being best where Randy Orton fights for his career of 15 years in WWE.

Summer Slam 2016 is going to take place in brooklyn on 21st Aug 2016.Here is the list of matches going to take place in Summer Slam

WWE Champion Dean Ambrose Vs Dolph Ziggler title for WWE Championship title.

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor for WWE Universal Championship 

Apollo Crews vs The Miz for Intercontinental Championship

 Randy Orton vs Beast for 15 years of making

Rusev vs Roman Reigns for United States Championship

John Cena vs AJ Styles

The New Day vs The Club for WWE Tag Team Championship

Chris Jericho and Kewin Owens vs Enzo and Big Cass

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks for WWE Women's Championship


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